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Jebsen & Jessen Life Science

Enhancing life across the world

Life is vibrant, dynamic, and always changing. The same can be said about life sciences which is why we offer comprehensive global, sourcing, storage, and distribution solutions for a wide array of products, from food additive supplies and animal feed ingredients to personal care cosmetic chemicals and home cleaning solutions.

As a truly international company, Jebsen & Jessen Life Science is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jebsen & Jessen Trading Solutions and offers extensive worldwide sourcing, combined with expert teams of global partners. Our strategic warehouse network in Europe and the USA ensures for seamless distribution and supply chain solutions with a high degree of flexibility and individualized service. And while we deeply value our global partnerships, we offer exclusive deals for selected partners.

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IFS Broker, IFS International Featured Standards IFS Broker, IFS International Featured Standards
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